Proactively Protecting Your Intellectual Property: Copyrights

Canadian law changes frequently. To the extent there are changes in the law, the information in this blog post may no longer be accurate. This blog post does not create a lawyer-client relationship. Content provided herein is for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as legal advice. Proactively Protecting Your Intellectual Property: [...]

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LEGAL LAUNCHPAD FOR STARTUPS: LOCAL TECHNOLOGY EVENT CO-HOSTED BY KAMLOOPS INNOVATION AND SEGEV LLP This blog post is not legal advice and is for general informational purposes only. Always speak with a lawyer before acting on any of the information contained herein.   Fostering local growth through Kamloops Innovation Kamloops Innovation partners with Segev LLP [...]

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How to Sign a Contract

How to Sign a Contract How do I sign this contract? Thats a question we often get from our clients so we thought we would set out some information on where to sign a contract, when you need to initial a contract page and when you need a witness. Signing contracts isn’t always as easy [...]

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Facebook Contracts Out of BC Privacy Laws

Facebook Contracts Out of BC Privacy Laws   British Columbia’s highest court has blocked a class action lawsuit brought against Facebook Inc. from proceeding because its Terms of Use forbid users from resolving any claim, action or other dispute outside Santa Clara County, California. Even though Facebook users in B.C. expect B.C.’s privacy laws to [...]

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Board of Directors vs. Board of Advisors

Board of Directors vs. Board of Advisors   Building a large board of directors isn’t always the best way to bring in outside expertise into your business. Building a board of advisors is a less-costly alternative, which is especially useful in start-ups and small businesses. The right advisors not only bring fresh perspectives but they [...]

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Contracts Basics Part 2: Indemnity Clauses

Contracts Series: Indemnity Clauses We’re continuing our series of articles focusing on the essential features of a commercial contract. Last week we looked at the importance of naming the right parties. This week, we’re jumping ahead to indemnifications. A simple indemnification clause might look like this:  The Consultant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Company [...]

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Contracts: Certainty of Terms

Contracts: Certainty of Terms Business relies on contracts. Contracts are a critical part of building and managing commercial relationships. As we know, once a contract is executed, it plays an important role in guiding the parties in their interactions with each other and setting the ground rules for a productive, fair, and predictable relationship. And [...]

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Legal Brief: Prospectus and Registration Exemption Changes

PROSPECTUS AND REGISTRATION EXEMPTION CHANGES If you are a private company in British Columbia that is relying on accredited investor exemptions to raise capital, or alternatively, if you are an investor that relies on those exemptions to contribute capital to private companies in British Columbia, then this update is for you. Effective May 5, 2015, [...]

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