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OPEN HOUSE @ SEGEV LLP – Saturday, Sept. 26, 3-pm

As part of Vancouver Startup Week 2015 (#VSW2015), Segev LLP is hosting an open house at our office in Gastown! You are invited to: Segev LLP's Nerf Gun Boot Camp Leave the seminars, Q&A's and pitch events behind. It's time to have some fun. We're turning Segev LLP into a nerf gun boot camp with target [...]

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Contracts Basics Part 2: Indemnity Clauses

Contracts Series: Indemnity Clauses We’re continuing our series of articles focusing on the essential features of a commercial contract. Last week we looked at the importance of naming the right parties. This week, we’re jumping ahead to indemnifications. A simple indemnification clause might look like this:  The Consultant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Company [...]

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Contracts: Certainty of Terms

Contracts: Certainty of Terms Business relies on contracts. Contracts are a critical part of building and managing commercial relationships. As we know, once a contract is executed, it plays an important role in guiding the parties in their interactions with each other and setting the ground rules for a productive, fair, and predictable relationship. And [...]

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Canadian Anti-Spam Laws have Teeth

Canadian Anti-Spam Laws have Teeth March has been a big month for anti-spam enforcement by the CRTC. On March 5th, CRTC issued a fine to Compu-Finder, a Quebec company, for $1.1 million, the largest such fine since Canada’s Anti Spam Law (CASL) was put in lace. The company was cited for multiple violations of the [...]

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Legal Brief: Prospectus and Registration Exemption Changes

PROSPECTUS AND REGISTRATION EXEMPTION CHANGES If you are a private company in British Columbia that is relying on accredited investor exemptions to raise capital, or alternatively, if you are an investor that relies on those exemptions to contribute capital to private companies in British Columbia, then this update is for you. Effective May 5, 2015, [...]

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