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British Columbia Cannabis Retail Store Licensing

If you are an individual (sole proprietor), partnership, or corporation looking to apply for a cannabis retail store licence, here is some key information regarding the application process to sell non-medical cannabis and cannabis accessories in British Columbia (Vancouver).


  • To be eligible to apply, you must own, lease, or have an agreement to lease the proposed retail store location and each retail store requires a separate licence.
  • Applicants must be registered in B.C. as sole proprietors, partnerships or corporations and have their 9-digit Business number (issued by the Canada Revenue Agency) to apply for a Business BCeID (one time registration) in order to submit an application.
  • You do not need to be a citizen or resident of B.C. or Canada.
  • All applicants must be at least 19 years old.
  • At this time, federal licensed producers of cannabis are not eligible for a cannabis retail store licence, however this may change in the future when the federal government issues ‘micro-cultivation’ producer licences.
Application Process:

The process may differ depending on the applicant, whether you’re a private corporation, public corporation, sole proprietor, partnership, or society, but generally, the application process is going to look like this:

1. Submit Application

  • The application requires information about the applicant and associates, proposed location and any other licenses held by the applicant.
  • Consent for security screening and financial integrity checks.
  • Declaration of financial, business or family connections to any federal licensed cannabis producers and retail license holders.
  • Application fee*.

2. Local Government Recommendation/Store Changes

  • If a proposed store is located in the area of local government, the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch must provide notice of the application to the local government for conditional approval.
  • Once granted, make sure the terms and conditions of the license are met and make changes to the store to match the description submitted with the application – floor plan, exterior signage, window coverings, etc.

3. Pass a Store Inspection

  • Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch inspectors will assess whether the store meets the provincial regulation and requirements established by the applicable local government.
  • Prospective licensees can schedule their inspection when ready.
  • The applicant will not be authorized to possess cannabis until the licence application has been approved.

4. Receive a Licence

  • Successful applicants will receive a licence after the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch has confirmed that all licence requirements have been met, the inspection has been passed, and the licensing fee* has been received by the government.
  • Licensees must display the licence in a prominent place in their store.

5. Register and Train Employees

  • All employees must be registered with the Province before they can be employed in a non-medical cannabis store.
  • Local governments may also have business licence requirements regarding employees. More information about registration and training will be available soon.

6. Order and Sale of Cannabis Products

  • Before a licensee can order cannabis products, they must register with the Liquor Distribution Branch.
  • Licensees can only sell products purchased from the Liquor Distribution Branch and are not authorized to sell cannabis online.
  • The Province will control online sales of cannabis through its provincially operated cannabis stores.
  • Licensees will need a licence number to place orders.
  • All sales and inventory must be reported on a regular basis.

*Application fee of $7,500.00 (includes security screening and financial integrity checks, plus a $1,500.00 first-year licensing fee.

*Once a licence is issued, the licensee must pay an annual renewal fee of $1,500.00 and pay a fee (TBD) to undergo security screening every 2 years.

A more detailed guide for applicants can be found at the B.C. Government Website. Also read our resource related to “The new society act in BC

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