Segev LLP is Hiring!

Segev LLP is growing, and currently looking to fill the following positions:

US Qualified Lawyer
We are seeking an experienced lawyer to join our team to be an integral part of our gaming, betting and interactive entertainment group.

Independent lawyers with established practices in:
Corporate Commercial
Commercial Litigation
Family Law

Click the relevant job posting for more information, and to apply.
Please e-mail us at careers@segev.ca if you have any questions.

Applications for our 2020/2021 articling position are now closed. Thank you to all who took the time to apply!

Keep an eye on this space for applications for our 2020 Summer student position.

Good people are hard to find and we are always looking for people to join our team.
What are we looking for? Brains and Attitude.

More specifically, if you’re looking to join a team with the following characteristics, and believe you share these characteristics, please:

Keep an eye on this space for future openings and application processes. All career opportunities will also be posted on our Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages. Follow us to stay in the loop!

We pride ourselves in creative, out of the box thinking

We are entrepreneurial in spirit and actions, for ourselves and our clients

We don’t easily take “no” for an answer and strive to find solutions, for ourselves and our clients

We have a “can-do” attitude, we try to make the problem go away and be as helpful as possible

We take pride in our work and doing a great job

We take pride in treating our clients and each other with utmost respect

We carry ourselves with integrity and honesty

We are sincerely interested in the law, in our work and in our clients’ businesses

We are sincerely interested in encouraging interests and a healthy life outside of law


Segev LLP fosters a culture which supports our people to be the best version of themselves.
It makes for happier lawyers and better lawyering.
Our team lives by the below values-set and we only hire people that we think can walk the talk with us.


People matter, and respect for people matters most.
We respect everyone on our team equally, regardless of role.


We are building a real community – inside and outside of our firm.

We pay it forward. We contribute time to each other, promote each other and tear down walls. We celebrate individual wins and team successes, and we make time to connect away from our desks.


We are driven by our aim to be helpful; to get to know our clients well enough to be able to anticipate challenges and identify opportunities.

That pushes us to be proactively creative, innovative and practical. That pushes us to speak a language that is clearly understood. That pushes us to pursue excellence in our work. It also pushes us to think beyond law – to find unconventional ways to assist, even when we can’t bill for it.


We don’t settle for where we’re at. We’re ambitious. We are eager to learn new things. We understand that each individual’s growth boosts our community’s growth. And while we encourage growth for each person, we recognize and support the fact that growth takes shape in different ways for everyone. So we help our people identify their goals and find opportunities to accomplish them.


We’re authentic. We prioritize life. We don’t just recognize our lives outside of work, we encourage them. We want everyone to spend time with family and friends; to get outside; to be healthy. We encourage creative pursuits and entrepreneurial ventures. We love our work, but we love other things too, and that’s a good thing!