Benefits of Joint Tenancy

The benefits of estate planning with joint tenancy Estate planning is certainly not a one-size-fits-all model; however, a joint tenancy could be used to help achieve a few common goals, including: ensuring the property passes to the appropriate beneficiary; minimizing income tax and probate fees; and simplifying the estate administration process. Benefits of Joint Tenancy [...]

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What Vancouver Homeowners Should Know About the New Residential Vacancy Tax

EMPTY HOMES TAX NOTICE If you are a homeowner in Vancouver you have likely received a notice regarding the City’s new Vacancy Tax, also known as the Empty Homes Tax. The Vacancy Tax is a product of a City bylaw which requires all homeowners to submit a property status declaration by February 2, 2017. Instructions [...]

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Foreign nationals who hold a nomination certificate under British Columbia’s Provincial Nominee Program are now exempt from Metro Vancouver’s 15% Foreign Buyers Tax. The announcement made by Premier Christy Clark on March 17, 2017, is intended to encourage skilled workers, particularly those working in British Columbia’s expanding technology industry, to make the province home. In [...]

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B.C.’S Home Owner Grant: Principal Residences Valued at $1.6 Million or Less May Now be Eligible

Changes to B.C.’s Home Owner Grant, which reduces the amount of property taxes payable on principal residences throughout the province, have been introduced in response to rising property assessment values. The threshold for home values eligible for the Home Owner Grant has been raised to $1.6 million, a 33% increase from the previous level of [...]

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B.C. to Introduce Exemption to 15% Foreign Buyers Tax for Individuals with Work Permits

The Premier of British Columbia Christy Clark has announced that the provincial government is “going to lift the foreign owners’ tax on people who have work permits, who are paying taxes and living in British Columbia”. Following the recent implementation of an additional 15% property transfer tax on all purchases by foreign entities (including foreign [...]

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Breaking into British Columbia’s Real Estate Market with the Use of a Co-Ownership Agreement

Breaking into British Columbia’s Real Estate Market with the Use of a Co-Ownership Agreement It seems that the goal of owning a piece of property in British Columbia is becoming more and more unattainable each time we read a news story. The headlines emphasize the growing number of barriers that are preventing individuals from investing [...]

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