Daleep Aujlay

Daleep Aujlay is a business, estate and real estate lawyer. He has expertise in representing individuals, private companies, and trust companies in a cost effective, efficient, and secure manner. Daleep has worked with start-ups and well-established businesses with their corporate structuring and restructuring; financing; wealth preservation; asset and share purchase/sales; shareholder matters; contractual needs; and commercial matters.

Daleep has extensive experience assisting individual clients with estate administration and estate planning.  He is well versed in advising executors and trustees on administering trusts and estates and advising beneficiaries of their rights and interests in trusts and estates. Daleep has successfully assisted clients to ensure their estate planning goals are met and tax implications are considered through drafting wills and trusts. He has also aided clients with powers of attorney and health care agreements such as representation agreements and advance directives.

A large portion of Daleep’s practice is also dedicated to aiding business and estate clients with respect to the conveyance of residential and commercial real estate and acting for individuals purchasing or selling their residential property.

Prior to practicing law, Daleep was an entrepreneur starting-up a business with his family; he spent countless years growing the business into the successful venture it is now.  Outside the professional sector, Daleep is a Tennis Canada certified tennis instructor and can be seen out on the tennis courts in the Spring and Summer months. In the Fall and Winter, Daleep hangs up the tennis racket and curls out of the Marpole Curling Club. When not on the court or rink, Daleep can be found playing soccer year-round rain or shine and snapping pictures as a hobbyist  photographer.

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