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The Full Indie Summit is a conference on game development with a focus on the independent developer or “indie”. The Summit features presentations and/or panels on all matters of interest to game developers, with the goal to inform, educate, inspire and motivate!

We are dedicated to creating a high-quality game-development conference that is relevant, accessible and affordable, helping to close the gap left by the loss of GDC Canada and Casual Connect.  The Full Indie Summit is an excellent opportunity to once again unite the Pacific Northwest, providing a venue not only for Vancouver’s bustling indie scene, but to all the developers in the extended area.

Working together to build a strong community helps us not only grow, learn, and be more resilient in the face of the many challenges facing today’s industry, but creates an amazing opportunity to meet and collaborate with your fellow developers.  Whether it is through shared experience, learning or networking, we hope that Full Indie Summit can make us all more successful, whatever path each of us takes.

Key Goals

  • Bringing the indie community together and facilitating opportunities to help sustain and grow the community.
  • Offering the best value possible from a conference: top-quality presentations, affordability and networking opportunities
  • Creating opportunities to unite the larger community of the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Who is the Full Indie Group?

The Full Indie group is organized around a monthly meeting inviting all independent game developers to join in for an evening of networking, presentations, and demos of current projects.  Started in 2010 and an instant success, there are now nearly 3000 members and our 180-strong monthly events are always full with long waiting lists.

Vancouver is an outstanding place for independent developers, in part, because of the strong presence of other indies and the opportunity to learn from each other. The Full Indie group offers an avenue for the community to get together and reinforce those ties, while facilitating a collegial, fun, and welcoming atmosphere.

Interesting in checking out the monthly meet-up? Sign-up here (but be warned, spots fill up fast!)

To learn more about the Full Indie Group, watch past presentations and more, visit us here.

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