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ICE VOX is the broadest, most international gaming conference on the planet. From regulation to marketing and advertising, for all gaming types and levels of seniority, ICE VOX brings you a platform to debate, learn and be inspired to take yourself and your business to the next level.

Our team has promised to deliver a fresh new conference of new speakers you may not have engaged with before! Opening up a wider opportunity for sharing experiences and more diverse opinions.

Segev LLP’s founding partner Ron Segev is participating in three sessions:

Monday February 3rd at 4:15pm – Canada House Panel, discussing the three “T’s” (Talent, Time Zones and Tax Credits)

Tuesday February 4th at 4:00pm – Sustainable VIPs – The Lifeblood of your Business?

The Gambling Commission has warned the industry recently of the dangers of relying too heavily on VIP players. Studies show that high rollers often are more prone to problem gambling than the average player. Considering the VIPs contribute a large portion of most operators’ annual revenue, managing their play sustainably is business critical. This session will explore what a successful VIP programme should look like and what you can do to ensure the model is sustainable.

Moderator: Ron Segev, Partner, Segev LLP
Niels Bianchini, Head of CRM and VIP, Partouche (Casino du Lac de Meyrin)
Sam Bourne, Head of CRM, BetBull
Nicolai Milev, Product Manager, BUFF.bet

Wednesday February 5th at 3:00pm – Working in Canada: Finding the Right Operator, Supplier and Service Providers to Drive Your Business.

  • Taking advantage of a dynamic gaming industry with innovative talent, competitive tax and immigration rules and government supported digital innovation
  • Outlining different models and relationships between operators, service providers and suppliers
  • Understanding how individual province intricacies impact supply and operational investment
  • Identifying value in both domestic and foreign suppliers and service providers

Ron Segev, Partner, Segev LLP
Robert Davidman, Partner, Slapshot
Derek Ramm, MT>Play (TBC)

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