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Segev LLP is the first Law Firm in Western Canada to Accept Payment in Bitcoin

and the only law firm in Canada to have an integrated BTC payment system right on our website.

Our blockchain and financial technologies clients regularly asked if we could accept payment in Bitcoin.

Yes we can.

If you are ready to initiate payment in Bitcoin please send us a BTC payment request using this form:


Here’s how it works:

1.  After we complete our work for you, we send you a regular invoice in fiat currency.

2. Our email enclosing the invoice will set out various payment methods, including paying by Bitcoin.

3. You can select the Bitcoin payment method from that email and it will take you back to this web page where all you need to do is complete the above form and click the “Pay by BTC” button

4. Once you do that, you will receive a Bitcoin payment request from our Bitcoin merchant processor Bitpay

5. The Bitpay email will include a QR code and everything else you need to pay us in Bitcoin

For more information about our Bitcoin processor click here:

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