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Effective June 1, 2017, with a few exceptions, small claims disputes up to $5,000 will be resolved in British Columbia’s new online Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT). The CRT is Canada’s first online tribunal for resolving strata and small claims disputes, and the first of it’s kind to be integrated into a public court system. This innovative change will allow British Columbians a simpler, more convenient and more affordable way to resolve their personal information legal disputes. The CRT offers a variety of self-help tools and dispute resolution services, and is available to participants 24/7 from the comfort of their own homes. Moving forward, using the CRT will be mandatory for most claims up to $5,000.


The implementation of the CRT’s small claims jurisdiction will be combined with a significant increase in the limit of what is recoverable in small claims lawsuits. The current limit of $25,000 will rise to $35,000, marking the first increase to BC’s small claims limit since 2005.


For further details on these new developments, or to discuss how we can assist you with any personal small claims matters, please don’t hesitate to contact Marius Adomnica at 604.629.5405 or email [email protected]


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