Fan Art: Appropriation or Appreciation?

This month, Vancouver hosted the Vancouver Mural Festival (VMF) which celebrates Vancouver’s dynamic and growing arts and culture scene (dance, music, food, crafts) surrounded by the city’s best and most stunning outdoor mural art. More information on the VMF can be found on their site, . As we wound our way through the festival [...]

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Appeals Court Confirms: French Art can be of Canadian “National Importance” After All

Image courtesy of Heffel Fine Art Auction House “In 1892, the French-born impressionist painter, Gustave Caillebotte, produced “Iris bleus, jardin du Petit Gennevilliers” … an oil on canvas, 21¾” x 18¼”. Little did he know that some 127 years later, Iris Bleus would be at the heart of the present appeal.” So begins the recent [...]

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