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Director of Operations

Chloe Ferguson

We provide insights, analyses, access, and strategy services to some of the world’s best and nimblest businesses – all underpinned by out of the box thinking and high quality legal work.


Chloe is our Director of Operations

Chloe joined the firm in 2023 and is the firm’s Director of Operations. With her vast experience and exceptional leadership skills, Chloe plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the firm’s operations. 

Chloe’s expertise lies in overseeing various aspects of the firm, optimizing efficiency, and implementing strategic initiatives. She also provides valuable insights that contribute to the firm’s success. 

Her strong sense of community and dedication to excellence drive her commitment to meeting the needs of clients and staff alike. As a hands-on leader, she fosters a collaborative and supportive environment, nurturing the professional growth of our team. 

Beyond her professional achievements, Chloe finds joy in travel, cherishing quality time with her family, and enjoying the tranquility of lakeside retreats. These passions not only contribute to her work-life balance but also bring a fresh perspective to her role as Director of Operations. 

Chloe’s exemplary skills and compassionate leadership make her an invaluable asset to Segev LLP, and she continues to elevate the firm’s processes and performance while ensuring clients receive the highest level of service. 

+1 604 629 5400 | [email protected] 

“Segev LLP is a first-rate firm that can be relied upon to provide professional, accurate, and reliable world class legal services and regulatory advice.”

Salim Adatia

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